What Is Landings2?

This program offers...

  • Prayer
  • Reflective reading
  • Spiritual growth
  • Transition to mature discipleship


  • Is lay-led
  • Is completely confidential
  • Builds spiritual skills

Program materials include:

  • Coordinator’s Handbook to assist parish leaders organize the program.
  • Program Guide to train and guide the welcome team.
  • Sessions Materials to provide the content for the Landings2 process.

Themes and Materials for Discussion

Session 1: What Now? – The Next Stage in Mature Discipleship
Session 1 reflects on one's Faith journey, using God-given gifts to build the Christian community.

Session 2: What Gifts Do I bring?
Session 2 introduces the concept of discernment and discipleship.

Session 3: Why Share my Gifts?
Session 3 focuses on the Incarnation and giving ourselves away to obtain life in its fullness.  

Session 4: Putting Your Gifts to Work – Church Ministries
Session 4 explores concrete uses of our gifts to serve the Church.

Session 5: Putting Your Gifts to Work – Faith in Everyday Life
Session 5 explores concrete ways to use our gifts in reaching out and serving the wider world.

Session 6: Sustaining Faith over the Long Haul
Session 6 presents a variety of spiritual practices for sustaining one’s Faith through the life-long journey.

Questions often posed to new members

  • Will you continue to follow Jesus and remain faithful after the initial excitement of renewed membership has faded?
  • Will you continue to maintain an attitude of love and compassion toward others in your community who may be different from yourself?
  • Will you have the patience and discipline to remain open to new joys and challenges of being a disciple and allow the Spirit to guide you?
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