Recommended New Releases From Paulist Press

Rejoice and be Glad: On the Call to Holiness in Today’s World, The Study Edition.

By Pope Francis, Preface by Catherine Clifford, Foreword by Massimo Faggioli. 123p. $9.95

This study edition has several advantages over those of our competitors-first, we did it. Second, the foreword from Dr. Massimo Faggioli of Villanova places this exhortation in the context of the Magesteria of Pope Francis and the Preface, by Dr. Catherine Clifford of St. Paul’s Ottawa, looks at this letter as an extension of the universal call to holiness found in Vatican 2.  Third, the appendix to the book contains a cliff-notes-like summary of each section as well as discussion questions suited for individual and group reflection.   Spiritual directors and Landings2 leaders pay particular attention!

A Hunger for Wholeness: Soul Space and Transcendence

By Ilia Delio.   123p. $15.95

This is part of the Madaleva Lecture Serie.     s from prominent Women Catholic Theologians.  Dr. Delio, is a Franciscan sister who holds an endowed chair at Villanova. Her lecture builds on the writings of Teilhard de Chardin and contemporary quantum physics in delivering a thought provoking, insightful reflection.

Paths to Inner Peace: Living with Less Stress

by Peter Kalellis.  159p, $18.95

This experienced Greek Orthodox pastoral writer and clinical psychologist brings the wisdom of the Orthodox tradition to a topic that while admittedly well-trod, is nonetheless needed.  Eric should but one of these books for everyone with a new assignment.

Wisdom at the Crossroads: The Life and Thought of Michael Paul Gallagher, SJ

by Thomas G. Casey, SJ.  144p. $19.95

Admittedly we did this book primarily for our readership in the UK Ireland and Rome, all places where the late Michael Paul Gallagher lived and taught. Michael Paul Gallagher was a  prolific European spiritual writer,  we published one of his books, Faith Maps.

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